Raman Diffraction#

A diffraction grating is used in Raman spectroscopy to distinguish between \({{ params_lambda1 }}\) \(\rm{nm}\) and \({{ params_lambda2 }}\) \(\rm{nm}\) light.

Part 1#

Which of the statements below is true?

Answer Section#

  • The diffraction angle is larger for the \(650\) \(\rm{nm}\) light.

  • The diffraction angle is smaller for the \(650\) \(\rm{nm}\) light.

  • The diffraction angle is the same for both the \(650\) \(\rm{nm}\) and \(350\) \(\rm{nm}\) light.

  • Light doesn’t exist outside of the visible range from \(400\) \(\rm{nm}\) to \(700\) \(\rm{nm}\).

  • Light doesn’t diffract since it is a praticle.


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