Racing Markers#

A sedan accelerates uniformly from rest along a straight track towards the left. The track has five markers: Start, and Markers 1-4. Each marker is equally spaced so Marker 2 is halfway between Start and Marker 4. The sedan reaches a speed of 17 m/s as it passes the last marker, Marker 4.


Part 1#

Where is the sedan along the track when it is traveling at 8.5 m/?

Select the closest position from the list below…

Answer Section#

  • Marker 1

  • Between Marker 1 and Marker 2

  • Marker 2

  • Between Marker 2 and Marker 3

  • Marker 3

  • Between Marker 3 and Marker 4

  • Marker 4

  • There is not enough information in the question.


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