Microscope Resolution#

We saw that diffraction limits our ability to focus waves.

Question Text#

If we could create diffraction-limited microscopes with electrons, neutrons and visible light, rank these microscopes from highest resolution to lowest resolution. (Take \(400\) nm to be the wavelength of visible light, the mass of an electron is \(9.11 \times 10^{-31}\) kg, \(h = 6.26 \times 10^{-34}\) Js, the mass of a neutron is \(1.67 \times 10^{-27}\) kg, and take the speed of an electron and neutron to be \(9 \times 10^6\) m/s. )

Answer Section#

  • Neutron microscope, visible light microscope, electron microscope.

  • Neutron microscope, electron microscope, visible light microscope.

  • Electron microscope, visible light microscope, neutron microscope.

  • Visible light microscope, electron microscope, neutron microscope.

  • Visible light microscope, neutron microscope, electron microscope.


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