Components of Net Force#

Part 1#

The image shows the free-body diagram of an object in circular motion with speed v and radius r. The net force is along the radial direction. The component of Newton’s second law along the radial direction is:

Circular Motion FBD

Answer Section#

  • \(\vec{n} + \vec{f_s} = m\vec{a}\)

  • \(\vec{n} - \vec{f_s} = \frac{mv^2}{a} \vec{r}\)

  • \(n cos(\theta) + f_s = \frac{mv^2}{a}\)

  • \(n cos(\theta) - f_s = \frac{mv^2}{a}\)

  • \(\vec{n_r} - \vec{f_{s,r}} = m\vec{a_r}\)


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