Speed Before Impact#

The figure below shows the force on a semi-truck during a typical collision used during safety tests. The mass of the semi-truck is 608 \(kg\) and it comes to rest at the end of the collision.

A graph of force in the unit of 10 sub 5 newtons, and time in ms. The graph shows a grid of boxes covering the graph and a curve. There are approximately 27 boxes under the curve.

Part 1#

What was the approximate speed of the semi-truck just before the impact? Choose the best answer.

Answer Section#

  • 89.0 \(m/s\)

  • 44.0 \(m/s\)

  • 22.0 \(m/s\)

  • 11.0 \(m/s\)

  • 0 \(m/s\)


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