Perfectly Inelastic Collision of Raindrops#

Two raindrops in a cloud collide perfectly inelastically. The first raindrop has a mass of 0.85 g and is travelling with \(\vec{v_1} =\) ( \(\hat{\imath}\) \(\hat{\jmath}\)) m/s. The second raindrop has a mass of 0.36 g and is travelling with \(\vec{v_2} =\) ( \(\hat{\imath}\) \(\hat{\jmath}\)) m/s.

Part 1#

What is the resulting velocity of the combined raindrop?

Answer Section#

  • 14.0\(\hat{\imath}\) + 11.0\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s

  • 10.0\(\hat{\imath}\) + 7.9\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s

  • 34.0\(\hat{\imath}\) + 27.0\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s

  • 7.4\(\hat{\imath}\) + 5.8\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s

  • 41.0\(\hat{\imath}\) + 5.5\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s

  • 14.0\(\hat{\imath}\) + 1.9\(\hat{\jmath}\) m/s


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