Acceleration from Velocity Graph#

The figure shows the velocity of a particle as it travels along the x-axis.

Graph of velocity versus time, a parabola-like shape that is concave up. The x-axis represents time and the x-axis represents velocity. It slopes downwards from t=0 to t=1, then slopes upward form t=1 to t=4. The y intercept is 4m/s an the x intercepts are t=0.5 and t=2.

Part 1#

What is the direction of the acceleration at \(t\) = 4 s?

Answer Section#

  • In the \(+x\) direction.

  • In the \(-x\) direction.

  • In the \(+y\) direction.

  • In the \(-y\) direction.

  • The acceleration is zero.


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