Shopping Cart Push#

Two teenagers are playing with a shopping cart in a parking lot. One teenager begins pushing their \({{ params_m1 }} \ \rm{kg}\) friend on the \({{ params_m2 }} \ \rm{kg}\) cart with a maximum force of \(F\_{max} = {{ params_F }} \ \rm{N}\). The magnitude of the force decreases linearly to \(0 \ \rm{N}\) until the cart is released after \({{ params_t }} \ \rm{s}\).

Question Text#

If the rolling resistance coefficient of the cart is \(C\_{rr} = {{ params_C }}\), how far does the cart travel from release?

Note that the rolling resistance force is analogous to the force of friction, where \(F\_{rr}\) = \(C\_{rr}\)\(F_N\) and acts in the direction opposite of motion.

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in m.


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