Collision of Objects A and B#

Mateo observes object A, which has mass \({{params.m_a}}\) and velocity \(v_0 \vec{i}\), collide with object B, which has mass \(kg\) and a velocity 1/5 \(v_0 \vec{j}\). Following the collision, object B has a velocity of 1/3 $\(v_0 \vec{i}\)$.

Use the following table as a reference for each variable:









Part 1#

Determine the velocity of object A after the collision.

Answer Section#

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Part 2#

Is this collision elastic?

Answer Section#

  • Yes

  • No

Part 3#

Express the change in the kinetic energy in terms of \(v_0\) (use v for \(v_0\) ).

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Part 4#

Suppose a second person observes the same collision. This second observer, however, is moving with a velocity of $\(v\_{2nd} = v_0 \vec{i} - v_0 \vec{j}\)$ m/s relative to Mateo. What is the change in kinetic energy that this second observer measures?

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