Mean resting respiratory rate#

The mean resting respiratory rate of an Etruscan shrew is breaths per minute, while the mean respiratory rate of healthy standing unrestrained white rhinoceroses is breaths per minute. If the mean mass of an Etruscan shrew is \(g\), what would one expect the mass of the white rhinoceroses to be assuming respiratory rates (\(RR\)) scale as \(M^{-1/ {{ params_power }} }\)?

Part 1#

Prepare: Write a mathematical statement (e.g. \(A \propto BB\)) showing the proportionality relationship between RR and M.

Answer Section#

  • \(RR \propto M\)

  • \(RR \propto M^{-1/4}\)

  • \(RR \propto \frac{1}{M^{-1/4}}\)

  • \(RR \propto \frac{1}{M}\)

Part 2#

Prepare: Use proportional reasoning to express \(\frac{M\_{rhino}}{M\_{Es}}\) in terms of \(RR\_{rhino}\) and \(RR\_{Es}\).

Use the following table as a reference for using each variable:







Answer Section#

Part 3#

Solve for \(M\_{rhino}\).

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in \(kg\).

Part 4#

Does your answer have the correct units and seem reasonable?

Answer Section#

Answer in 1-2 sentences, try to use full sentences.


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