Distance Between Two People#

The position of Santiago as a function of time is given by:

\(\vec{r_A} =\) (\(+\)\(t-\)\(t^2)\hat{\imath} + (\)\(+\)\(t-\)\(t^2)\hat{\jmath}\)

Ximena’s position is given by:

\(\vec{r_B} =\) (\(+\)\(t-\)\(t^2)\hat{\imath} + (\)\(+\)\(t+\)\(t^2)\hat{\jmath}\).

The positions \(\vec{r_A}\) and \(\vec{r_B}\) are in meters and \(t\) is in seconds.

Part 1#

What is the distance between Santiago and Ximena when \(t\) = 1?

Answer Section#

  • 7.6 \(\rm{m}\)

  • 3.8 \(\rm{m}\)

  • 58.0 \(\rm{m}\)

  • 10 \(\rm{m}\)

  • 4 \(\rm{m}\)


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