Coefficient Of Friction#

You have been hired to measure the coefficients of friction for the newly discovered substance jelloium. Today you will measure the coefficient of kinetic friction for jelloium sliding on steel. To do so, you pull a 228 \(g\) chunk of jelloium across a horizontal steel table with a constant string tension of 2 \(N\). A motion detector records the motion and displays the graph shown.

Hint: The position verses time graph is not a straight line.

Two images are shown. The first one is a diagram of the experiment in which Jelloium is being pulled by a string to the right while a motion detector records the motion on the right. The second image is a graph of the results of the experiment. The graph is a quadratic parabola. The y-axis is the distance in cm and the x-axis is the time in seconds. The graph depicts 20cm in one second and 80cm in in two seconds

Question Text#

What is the value of \(\mu_k\) for jelloium on steel?

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value.


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