Refer to the following figure.

A graph of position vs time. At 0 seconds, the position is at 1m. At 1 second, the position is at 2m. There is a constant increase of 1m per second from 0 seconds to 1 second. At 1 to 2 seconds, there is no change in m and the position remains at 2m. At 3 seconds, the position is at 0m. From 2 to 3 seconds, there is a constant decrease of 2 m per second.

Figure: Position vs. time graph for the following two questions.

Part 1#

At \(t=\) \(s\), what is the x-component of the instantaneous velocity of the object whose position vs. time graph is shown in the figure?

Answer Section#

Part 2#

For the object whose position vs time graph is shown in the figure above, the x-component of the average velocity (\(v\_{avg,x ; 0 \rightarrow 3}\)) and average speed (\(v\_{avg ; 0 \rightarrow 3}\)) over the time interval t=0s to t=3s are:

Answer Section#


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