Vehicle Crash#

Ahmed is following 5.27 \(m\) behind a van when it suddenly brakes with an acceleration of -10.7 \(m/s^2\). Both Ahmed’s van and the van in front of Ahmed were initially travelling at 30.4 \(m/s\). Ahmed begins to brake ( with the same acceleration as the van in front) 0.2 \(s\) after the van in front of Ahmed. 1.719 \(s\) after the van in front of Ahmed starts to brake, Ahmed hits their van.

Part 1#

At what speed is Ahmed’s van travelling when Ahmed hit the van in front of them?

Answer Section#

  • 14.15 \(m/s\)

  • 12.01 \(m/s\)

  • 28.26 \(m/s\)

  • 9.867 \(m/s\)


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