Moving Rod#

In the accompanying figure, the rails, connecting end piece, and rod all have a resistance per unit length of \({{params_r }}\) \(\rm\ \Omega\)\(/\)\(\textrm{cm}\). The rod moves to the left at a \(v=\) \({{params_v }} \textrm{ m/s}\).


Part 1#

If \(B=\) \({{params_B }} \textrm{ T}\) everywhere in the region, what is the magnitude of the induced current in the circuit when \(a=\) \({{params_a }} \textrm{ cm}\)?

Answer Section#

Please enter a numeric value.

Part 2#

Does the induced current circulate clockwise or counterclockwise?

Answer Section#

  • Clockwise

  • Counterclockwise




Problem is from the OpenStax University Physics Volume 2 textbook, licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 license.
Image representing the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license.