Swinging Mass#

A mass, \(m\), tied to the end of a string is swung horizontally on a frictionless surface in the counter-clockwise direction, exhibiting uniform circular motion as shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1. Taking one end of the string as the origin of a Cartesian plane, a mass is atatched to the other end and swung anti-clockwise.

Part 1#

When the string returns to parallel to the \(x\)-axis, it is cut in half by a very sharp knife. The subsequent motion of the mass is:

Answer Section#

  • The mass will pull sharply to the left.

  • The mass will continue in the positive y direction.

  • The mass will stop.

  • The mass will continue around the circle.

  • The mass will be thrown out of the circle with components in the positive x and y directions.


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