Hockey net across ice#

Part 1#

A ringette player pushes a hockey net with a constant force of magnitude \(F\) across rough ice at a constant velocity of 2 \(\rm{m/s}\). If she pushes the same net with a constant force of magnitude 1.5 \(F\) in the same direction across the same ice starting from a velocity of 2 \(\rm{m/s}\), the net will move:

Answer Section#

  • At a steadily increasing speed.

  • At 48.0 \(\mathrm{m/s}\).

  • At an increasing speed until it reaches 48.0 \(\mathrm{m/s}\) then at a constant speed.

  • At a steadily decreasing speed.

  • At 13 \(\mathrm{m/s}\).


Problem is from the OpenStax University Physics Volume 2 textbook, licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 license.
Image representing the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license.