Velocity Versus Time Plot#

The figure below shows a plot of velocity versus time for a particle moving with constant acceleration \(a_c\). The particle has velocity \(v_0\) at time \(t_0\). In the time elapsed between \(t_0\) and a later time \(t\) (\(t > t_0\)), the particle is displaced \(\Delta x\).

A velocity versus time plot starting at the second notch on the y-axis and 0 on the x-axis.

Part 1#

Use this plot to derive an expression for \(\Delta x\) in terms \(a_c\), \(v_0\), \(t_0\), and \(t\).

Note that it may not be necessary to use every variable. Use the following table as a reference for using each variable:











Answer Section#


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