Pushing Net Across Ice#

Part 1#

A ringette player pushes a hockey net at 4 \(\rm{m/s}\) across rough ice with a force of magnitude \(F\). Draw a free body diagram of the net and upload it as a pdf named “fbd”.

Answer Section#

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Part 2#

If they push the same net across the same ice starting from 4 \(\rm{m/s}\) with a constant force of magnitude 4 \(F\), the net will move:

Answer Section#

  • at a steadily increasing speed

  • at 5 \(\rm{m/s}\)

  • at an increasing speed until it reaches 5 \(\rm{m/s}\), and then at a constant speed

  • at a steadily decreasing speed

  • at 4 \(\rm{m/s}\)


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