Water Filled Vase#

A water-filled vase is shown below.

The image shows 5 different diagrams of an identical water vase, with 3 vectors in each diagram, all in the same position but with varying lengths and direction. Diagram A has vectors pointing outwards, perpendicularly away from the vase and water. The bottom vector is small, the middle a bit longer, with the highest vector being the longest. Diagram B has the same vector lengths as A, just with the vectors pointing in towards the vase and water. Diagram C has vectors pointing outwards like A, but the lengths of the vectors start small from the top and increase in length towards the bottom of the vase, which has the longest vector. Diagram D has the same lengths as C, only with the vectors pointing towards the vase and water. Finally, Diagram E has all 3 vectors of equal length and pointing perfectly upwards.

Part 1#

Which diagram best shows the direction and the relative lengths of the force the water puts on the vase at the three points indicated?

Answer Section#

  • Option A

  • Option B

  • Option C

  • Option D

  • Option E


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