Airbrake of a Centrifuge#

An important part of astronaut training is force resistance training. It is done in a large centrifuge, with radius \(r = {{params_r}} \ \rm{m}\) and total mass \(m = {{params_mass}} \ \rm{kg}\). The centrifuge cabin is accelerated to a speed \(\lvert v \rvert = {{params_v}} \ \rm{m/s}\). When it is time to slow down the centrifuge, it is slowed down due to a constant resistive moment \(M = {{params_M}} \ \rm{N.m}\) at the axle and the deployment of an airbrake that creates more air resistance such that the force is described by this equation \(F = {{params_C}}t^{{{params_N}}} \ \rm{N}\).

What is the speed of the cabin \({{params_t}}\) seconds later?

Part 1#

What is \(\lvert v \rvert\)?

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in \( m{m/s}\).


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