Collision In Outer Space#

Object A of mass \(m_A\) and object B of mass \(m_B\) collide in outer space. If, as a result of the collision, object A experiences an impulse of \(\Delta\vec{p}\_A\)

Part 1#

What impulse will object B experience?

Answer Section#

  • \(\Delta\)\(\vec{p}_A\)

  • -\(\Delta\)\(\vec{p}_A\)

  • -\(\dfrac{m_A}{m_B}\) \(\Delta\)\(\vec{p}_A\)

  • -\(\dfrac{m_B}{m_A}\) \(\Delta\)\(\vec{p}_A\)

  • \(\dfrac{m_A}{m_B}\) \(\Delta\)\(\vec{p}_A\)


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