Velocity of a ball from acceleration#

The acceleration of a ball is given by \(a(x) = -5kx^2\), where \(a\) is acceleration of the ball in \(m/s^2\), \(k\) is a constant with unspecified units, and \(x\) is the position of the ball in \(m\).

Question Text#

Consider the following initial conditions for position \(x_0\) and velocity \(v_0\) at \(t = 0 s\): \(x_0 = {{params.s0}} m\) \(v_0 = {{params.v0}} m/s\) Use these conditions to detemine the velocity of the ball at \(x = {{params.s}} m\). You may use \(k = {{params.k}} \).

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in \({{ params.vars.units }}\).


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