Trapped Hiker#

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A hiker is trapped in a tunnel after a minor rockslide. A rescue helicopter arrived and lowered a pulley to help them escape. The \({{params.m}}kg\) hiker is pulled up through an opening, without touching the walls (No friction). A bungee cord from their pack sticks to them, acting as a spring with a stiffness of \({{params.k}}N/m\) and is stretched \({{params.x1}}m\) at A, where the hiker is initially pulled from rest. The \(F = {{params.F}}N\) force over a pulley is constantly pulling the hiker free. Calculate the velocity as they passes point C. \(\theta=\)7\(^\circ\),\(d = {{params.d}}m\),and \(h = {{params.h}}m\).

Part 1#

Answer Section#

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