Tug of War#

In a game of tug of war, two teams pull on opposite sides of a rope to tug the opposing team towards them. One team is made of 6 children. Their weights are \(61\ \rm{lb}\), \(66\ \rm{lb}\), \(61\ \rm{lb}\), \(56\ \rm{lb}\), \(59\ \rm{lb}\), \(50\ \rm{lb}\), and they pull with forces of \(93\ \rm{N}\), \(135\ \rm{N}\), \(98\ \rm{N}\), \(80\ \rm{N}\), \(133\ \rm{N}\), \(141\ \rm{N}\). On the other side, a \({{params_adultWeight}} \ \rm{lb}\) adult pulls the rope with a force of \({{params_adultForce}} \ \rm{N}\).

Part 1#

What is the acceleration of the rope with the people? Give a positive answer if it moves towards the adult, and negative if it moves towards the children.

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in \(m/s^2\).


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