Fridge Force Comparison#

Mateo pushes a refrigerator (with force \(\vec{F}_{yr}\)) at a constant 1 \(\rm{m/s}\) across a level rough floor. A second identical refrigerator is pushed (with force \(\vec{F}_{fr}\)) across the same floor by their friend at a constant 2 \(\rm{m/s}\).

Part 1#

Compare the magnitudes of the forces involved while the refrigerators are moving at these speeds.

Answer Section#

  • \(F_{yr} = 2F_{fr}\)

  • \(F_{yr} = \dfrac{1}{2} F_{fr}\)

  • \(F_{yr} = F_{fr} \neq 0\)

  • \(F_{yr} = 0, F_{fr} = 0\)

  • Since \(f_{s} \leq \mu_{s}n\), it is impossible to tell


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