Firing a Ball#

A ball fired vertically at speed \(v_1\) reaches a maximum height \(h_1\).

Figure of a ball fired vertically with speed v one and a second ball of the same mass fired at an angle theta above the horizontal with speed v two.

Part 1#

At what speed must a second ball of the same mass be fired to reach the same maximal height if it is fired at an angle \(\theta=\) 30\(^{\circ}\) above the horizontal (as shown in the figure)? Assume air resistance is negligible.

Answer Section#

  • \(2v_1\)

  • \(\sqrt{2}v_1\)

  • \(\frac{2v_1}{\sqrt{3}}\)

  • \(\frac{v_1}{2}\)

  • \(v_1\)

  • \(\frac{4v_1}{3}\)


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