Aircraft Carrier#

Plane A takes off with a velocity of \(\vec{v_A}\) = (110 \(km/h\))\(\hat{\imath}\) relative to the aircraft carrier. On a second runway which is directed 30\(^{\circ}\) away from the \(x\)-axis, plane B has a speed of 118 \(km/h\) relative to the aircraft carrier.







Aircraft carrier with plane A taking off along the x-axis and plane B taking off at a 30 degree angle from the x-axis.

Part 1#

What are the x- and y-components of the velocity of plane A as measured by the pilot of plane B?

Your answer should be of the form 100*i_hat -50*j_hat since it’s a symbolic question, it won’t resolve the math for you so round the x and y components to the nearest integer.

Answer Section#


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