Velocity of a Falcon#

A peregrine falcon flies at 68.0 \(km/h\) South (relative to the air) in a 56.8 \(km/h\) wind to the East (relative to the ground).

Part 1#

The velocity of the peregrine falcon as seen by an observer on the ground is:

Answer Section#

  • 88.6 \(km/h\) 39.9\(^\circ\) East of South

  • 125.0 \(km/h\) 39.9\(^\circ\) East of South

  • 57.4 \(km/h\) 44.9\(^\circ\) East of South

  • 57.4 \(km/h\) 44.9\(^\circ\) East of North

  • 125.0 \(km/h\) 44.9\(^\circ\) West of South

  • 57.4 \(km/h\) 39.9\(^\circ\) East of North


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