Position From Graph#

A graph of velocity versus time. At 0 seconds, the velocity is 4 meters per second. At 1 second, the velocity decreases to 1 meter per second. The velocity increases and at 3 seconds the velocity is 3 meters per second. From 3 to 5 seconds, the velocity is 3 meters per second. The graph has a point labelled A and C. A is labelled at 1 second, with a velocity of 1 meters per second. C is labelled at 4 seconds with a velocity of 3 meters per second.

Part 1#

If the object’s position at \(t=\) 1.0 \(s\) is -3.2 \(m\), what is its position at point C?

Answer Section#

  • 10.0 \(m\)

  • 3.8 \(m\)

  • 7.0 \(m\)

  • 8.6 \(m\)

  • -8.6 \(m\)


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