Basketball Rebound#

To measure the interaction force between a basketball and the backboard, we attached a force plate to the backboard. When a 716 \(\rm{g}\) basketball hit the force plate with a speed of 12 \(\rm{m/s}\), a graph of force of the plate on the ball versus time (\(\rm{ms}\)) was recorded as shown in the figure.

A graph where time is measured in milliseconds along the x-axis, and Force sub x is measured in Newtons along the y-axis. The force increases linearly from (0,0) to (4,5000), and then decreases linearly from (4,5000) to (7,0), forming a triangle.

Part 1#

What was the rebound speed of the ball from the plate? [Hint: since the force is in the \(+x\)-direction, the ball must be thrown in the \(-x\)-direction.]

Answer Section#

Please enter in a numeric value in \(\rm{m/s}\).


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