Shooting a Steel Ball#

A small steel ball is shot at 4 \(m/s\) at a 71\(^{\circ}\) angle above the horizontal direction and its motion is well approximated by projectile motion.

Part 1#

When the ball returns to its original height, its velocity \(\overrightarrow{v} = (v_x, v_y)\) is:

Answer Section#

  • \((4\cos(71^{\circ}), \; -4\sin(71^{\circ}))\)

  • \((4\cos(71^{\circ}), \;4\sin(71^{\circ}))\)

  • \((4\sin(71^{\circ}), \; -4\cos(71^{\circ}))\)

  • \((4\sin(71^{\circ}), \;4\cos(71^{\circ}))\)

  • \((-4\cos(71^{\circ}), \; -4\sin(71^{\circ}))\)

  • \((-4\sin(71^{\circ}), \;4\cos(71^{\circ}))\)


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