Drag Through Jello#

A projectile is shot into cherry Jello with velocity \(v = {{ params_v }} \ \rm{m/s}\) at an angle \(\theta = {{ params_theta }} ^{\circ}\) in the xy plane. While in the Jello, the acceleration is subject to drag based on the tangential path the projectile travels. The acceleration along the tangential path is given by \(a = -kv\), where \(k = {{ params_k }}\) is a constant and \(v\) is the velocity of the projectile.

Part 1#

What is the x-velocity at \(t = {{ params_t }} \ \rm{s}\)

Answer Section#

Part 2#

What is the y-velocity at \(t = {{ params_t }} \ \rm{s}\)

Answer Section#


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