Running Dog#

Consider the following motion diagram for a dog running down a straight path. In the motion diagram, the x-axis is the time in seconds, and the y-axis is position in metres.

A displacement time graph showing the dog increasing by 2 meters from t equals 0 seconds to t equals 2 seconds. The dog is not moving from t equals 2 seconds to t equals 6 seconds. The dog decreases 2 meters from t equals 6 seconds to t equals 8 seconds. The dog decreases to negative 2 meters from t equals 8 second to t equals 10 seconds. The dog increases 2 meters from t equals 10 seconds to t equals 12 seconds.

Question Text#

Which of the following statements are True?

Answer Section#

Select all the choices that apply.

Note: You will be awarded full marks only if you select all the correct choices, and none of the incorrect choices. Choosing incorrect choices as well as not choosing correct choices will result in deductions.

  • The dog is moving at the same speed at time \(t=10\) \(s\) and \(t=4\) \(s\)

  • The dog is moving at a constant velocity between \(t=2\) \(s\) and \(t=6\) \(s\)

  • The dog has a negative acceleration at \(t=9\) \(s\)

  • The dog is slowing down at \(t=7\) \(s\)


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