Electron in Electric Field#

An electron moves in an electric field as a function of position as shown in figure below. Regions of constant electric field are joined by jump discontinuities as shown by the vertical dotted lines.


Useful Info#

Express your answers in eV (electron-Volts) rather than converting to joules. (Note that the charge on an electron is -e, so an electron in an electric potential of \(1\)V feels a potential energy of -1 eV. Also note that the potential energy at \(x = 0\) is given.)

Part 1#

a. On the second graph, the electric potential at \(x\)=0 is shown. Draw the electric potential for \(x\) from 0 to 3 m.

b. On the lowest graph, draw the electric potential energy as a function of position for an electron experiencing the electric field shown in the figure.

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Answer Section#

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