#. Postdoctoral Research & Teaching Fellow, UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program

The Master of Data Science (MDS) program is a 10-month professional master’s program in Data Science. The MDS program is offered jointly by the departments of Computer Science and Statistics. The program involves 24 one-month courses followed by a two-month Capstone Project._ I served as the instructor and course coordinator for two courses (Static Visualizations and Interactive Dashboards), and partnered with colleagues for two others (Exploratory Data Analysis, and Communication and Argumentation) in the September to December term. I am teaching three additional courses in the second term from January to April. Administratively, I assisted with the interviewing, hiring, and training of over 30 teaching assistants for the program.

#. PhD, Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC

I developed a new MRI technique to assess the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs without any injections or surgery. This technique is called dynamic oxygen enhanced MRI (dOE-MRI) and relies on patients breathing cycling oxygen or air and a machine learning technique called independent component analysis.

#. MSc, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

I designed an apparatus to facilitate the acquisition of co-planar ultrasound and MRI images and mitigated alignment issues that arise when comparing US and MR images. This involved characterizing the ultrasound beam profile, measuring the MR slice thickness, and writing software to co-register the two 3D volumes.

#. Recipient of the 2015 UBC Killam Graduate TA Award

I was awarded this teaching prize as a graduate student. It is awarded to just 16 TAs each year out of over 2000 TAs at UBC. Successful applicants have demonstrated sustained substantial contributions to teaching and strong support from students, fellow TAs, and course coordinators.

#. SoTL Specialist, Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Worked with faculty members across campus to engage in scholarly work around teaching and learning. SoTL specialists typically manage 3-5 research projects and are responsible in working directly with faculty members to conduct, analyse, and disseminate results from research in teaching initiatives.